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Made in Italy

If you are looking for a rod that is unique to all others and with distinguished style and performance then this is the trolling rod for you. The Colibrì range aims to offer a well-balanced rod that is sensitive and reactive yet with a great resource of energy. Light in the hand the blank offers adaptive progressive power to fish like Snapper and Amberjack, making it a highly versatile tool.

The Colibri

The Colibrì is very light and well-balanced and whilst fishing you will appreciate the strong action of the blanks T700 Pre-Preg Ferrari carbon. This carbon gives the rod tip a very sensitive feel and the blank remains incredibly reactive to even the most powerful Snapper and Amberjack fights. The plug-in joint, that it is commonly only used in the stronger spinning rods, is innovative and original for this rod and makes it lighter and far easy to handle. This plug-in joint is a true innovation for a trolling rod and has been designed only for the Colibrì via a carbon-on-carbon process. Artico has built a graft in which the long tip section fits into a handle with “reverse conicity”. With this structural modification, Artico was able to ensure the sensitive tip corresponded effectively with a marked rigidity of the handle, with the overall goal to ensure the rod could combat very aggressive fights from large fish. The Colibrì blanks are produced with PrePreg Ferrari carbon V.AR.AM which has been exclusively granted to Artico by Ferrari.

The High Modulus Ferrari Carbon

Ferrari Carbon is transversely and longitudinally matched with others kinds of carbon. This helps to obtain the specific mechanical characteristic that each model of rod must have for different fishing situations. The Colibrì contains 9 different kinds of carbon that are matched within the same blank. This insight is part of the artisan work that separates companies like Artico from the rest. The excellence which defines the Made In Italy brand are a true philosophy of work that is matured in years of experience. The others can only copy what the best Italian companies dream, plan and make.

The Colibrì allows the angler to fish with different trolling techniques and works especially well with live baits. The tip of the Colibrì is unique, unrepeatable and inimitable. Artico has developed a construction system based on the use of cross materials that can only be produced manually. This particular composition allows rod tips to be produced with no loss of sensitivity and breakages even under the utmost stress are all but eliminated.
The Tips


The Colibrì can be personalised on demand with either Fuji BNOG rings, Alconite Clag rings or Fuji SiC rings, all of which are suitable for the use with this multi-fiber. The Colibrì can also be built in the Acid version too. This mounting technique is whereby the rod guides start at the top of the blank and then rotate around the blank leaving the final guides and tip under the blank. This guide placement reduces torque allowing the angler to fight larger fish on lighter tackle, with less fatigue.

2 Piece
Length: 7’0″
Handle: 68cm
Tip End: 156cm
Rings: Fuji Alconite CLAG, Alconite Acid, Fuji BNOG or Fuji SIC
Material: Ferrari High Modulus PrePreg carbon. Processing system V.AR.AM

These are specialists rods hand built in Italy to order, please allow up to 14 days for delivery, contact us for more details

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Casting Weight

10, 12, 16, 20, 4, 6, 8


Fuji Alconite Acid, Fuji Alconite CLAG+CHBNH, Fuji BNOG, Fuji SIC