Artico Speedy Jiggle 40-100g


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Artico Speedy Jiggle 40-100g Jigging/Lure rod. This 3 piece rod is designed in Italy by world renowned Italian rod builders Artico and is a simply stunning rod.

This rod has been designed for light jigging, both casting and vertical with weights in the range of 40-100g (1oz-3.5oz) though is equally at home in most light to medium inshore boat and kayak fishing situations including bait fishing.

The design of this rod, with its extremely sensitive tip section gives greater control and feel of lures when fishing from a boat or kayak. The added sensitivity is backed up by a strong power horse from the butt section making this rod perfect for Pollock, Cod, Bass and other hard fighting sea fish. The sensitivity of the tip also offers exceptional bite detection when bait fishing and fishing on the drift even the slightest attention is picked up through the plug in tip section.

The through- action curve on this rod during field testing was superb and when coupled with a small multiplier or fixed spool and braid, fish of all sizes make a great account for themselves and it delivers the true sport fishing package you expect from the Italians.

We believe this to be one of the finest options for light inshore fishing from boat or kayak and priced very competitively.

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