Artico Silente 5015 Surfcasting Rod – Blue 120/180gr


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A State of the Art series of three piece fishing rods that are dedicated to surfcasting and casting techniques that have evolved from the very well known Dumbledore 5000 series. The rods are manufactured by Artico in their factory in Pordenone, Italy using unidirectional composite carbon, differentiated in form and orientation and Ferrari V.AR.AM, this creates a blank that is only 18mm in diameter that is incredibly light, well balanced but with a large reserve of power with quick action.

In support of this power the tip has a double action “pitch” grafted at varying distances to enhance the performance depending on the action required.

There are two models available, the 5015 green with casting weights from 80-120gram and the 5015 Blue that ranges from 120-180grams. The real difference in the 5015 series to the original Dumbledore 5000 is the length of the rod and the action is uninterrupted throughout the cast. This allows you to cast using either side angled cast and ground casting with weights from 100 for the 80-120 gram and 150 with the 120-180 grams. The rod can be produced in with Fuji BNOG or Fuji Alconite K Guides.

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Fuji Alconite-K, Fuji BNOG

Casting Weight

120/180 (4-6oz)


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