Artico are a true Family Company specialising in the manufacturing of High Quality fishing rods in their factory in Pordenone, Northern Italy.

The Artico Family have always been at the forefront of experimenting with various raw materials and variable processing techniques for manufacturing fishing rods. In 1976 they were the first company in Italy to build carbon fishing rods, this was a revolutionary breakthrough as it reduced the weight some three/four times in comparison to existing products on the market, providing increased strength and a far superior performance.

ARTICO-LOGO1Over the years, in order to ensure the highest quality product they have tested and applied very sophisticated materials that are currently used in the car and plane applications. In particular Artico have the exclusive rights to manufacture rods from FERRARI Carbon Fibre that is used also in the manufacturing of formula 1 car and currently the Dynanotex. In addition, Sergio Artico, considered a man of rare genius invented the cylindrical barrel, so creating an innovative machining system.

Artico have partnered up with some of the leading consultants to make sure that each rod is designed, tested and inspected to ensure the technical characteristics required are maintained. These consultants are considered the top in their field thus ensuring the continued development of rods to meet the changing needs to the angler and provide a wider range of Individually crafted rods, handmade in Italy.

There is a synthesis of craftsmanship that distinguishes Artico from the mass produced products from Asia and the excellence that defines the Made in Italy comes from not only from the Artico Brand but from the years of experience in manufacturing. They say “Others can always just copy what is the Best Italian Dream in Design and Manufacture”


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