Artico X-Gladius 4000 UK Special 4.50M


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The X Gladius 4000 U.K Special is built using 9 different types of carbon which enables these rods to be both lighter and a thinner diameter compared to previous versions. This rod has been specifically designed for the serious UK distance angler who practices technical Pendulum and Ground casts. The X Gladius 4000 offers unique performance that allows you to effectively fish at long distances and in very rough seas, yet retaining sensitive bite detection. Artico have achieved this by developing a unique and innovative tip section with the use of “fibre pitch” technology (coupling of Ultra Light composite carbon) to the last 25cm that provides additional support when casting. This copes with the added stresses and maintains its power throughout the cast to give up to 25% more distance. The range is composed of three rods all with lengths of 4.50m which equates to 14’9” with 80/130-150/200-180/250 casting weights.
All rods are made with Fuji components right down to the bottom of the Butt where a Fuji BRC rubber Butt Grip is fitted. All models are also available with two types of Rings; Fuji K-Series Alconite or Fuji BNOG. Though like all of Artico’s products these rods are made in Italy and completely customable in components.

4.50m X 3 Casting Power 80/130-150/200-180/250 gr
Made from: High Modulus Carbon HR-150 MTM28-3/TR30-Production System TLT EOB.

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Fuji Alconite-K, Fuji BNOG

Casting Weight

80/130, 150/200, 180/250


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