The Fishcatcher range offers eight feather rigs that include a traditional three hook feather rig together with the four hook Sea Reflector, White Flash, Silver Tinsel that have been made with a 2/0 super sharp hook. There are also various options of Hokkai rigs that include a three hook luminous size 1 hook, a five hook Purple Hokkai size 2 and a Mini Hokkai size 4 and finally a five hook purple flasher rig with size 2hooks.

fishcatchersThis combination of feather rig styles covers a multitude of options when either bait fishing or for targeting larger species of fish when you also wish to add additional bait to entice the specific species of fish to feed. All the feather rigs also come with information on how to get the best out of them and give some tips o how to use.

The Fishcatcher custom made rig range are all made with good quality components and after a lot of research into the preferred styles of rigs anglers like to use we decided on this select range to encourage and help anglers to catch more fish. There are three specific boat rigs, the wishbone rig 4/0, a one down flowing 4/0 and big fish rig 7/0 for the larger species. The other seven rig patterns are mainly shore rigs but can also be used from a boat if preferred. These include the Pulley Pennel Rig, two hook loop rig, two hook flapper rig and two hooked clipped rig all with 1/0 hook size. Then we have included a three hook flapper rig size 1 and a two hook long flapper rig size 2 hook.

The main body of rigs are made from super quality components and the hooks that are used are very sharp and strong and in testing the hook points are maintained so the rigs can indeed be reused with confidence.

We are designing and bringing together some additional rigs to the Fishcatcher range that will include some exciting new developments to cover more specific rig styles for catching more species.


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