Artico Kraken NP Boat Rod


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This series of telescopic rods are entirely Hand Made in Italy by Artico being designed specifically for Boat Fishing in all European waters. The Kraken NP is the latest edition to the Artico range demonstrating the design experience at the House of Pordenone, but there is more. The Kraken has been designed in conjunction with top English International and England Team Captain Neil Bryant. The Artico Kraken is a source of Pride: In addition to being powerful it is both easy to use and is well balanced…this is very difficult to achieve when the diameter is only 22mm.

The Kraken is suitable for any type of fishing and you can use weights from 50grams to 300 grams (in testing the rod handled weights to 500grams) it is suitable for most types of fishing from top, mid water and bottom fishing for Conger, Cod and other large predators.

Two Hand Made Nylon tips especially made for this rod, to increase the range it is available in both 3.60 meter and 4.20 meter length and to increase the flexibility also has a grommet fixed to the first section to allow you to extend or reduce the length you fish at. The rods are available in either Fuji K Guides or Fuji BNOG. (The Tips can also come with Fuji BFIH if preferred)

Made from: High Modulus, unidirectional carbon composite differentiated in form and orientation-Production System V.AR.AM

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Fuji Alconite-K, Fuji BNOG


3.60M, 4.20M, 4.80M

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