Shout Dangan Casting Jigs


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The Dangan is no standard Jig! It has been specially designed for shore fishing and features a tail-weighted balance system and triangular shape to reduce air resistance, giving a stable flying position when casting. In Short this slow sinking lure can be cast a very long way from the shore. The Dangan has a flat upper side and beveled underside that causes it to flutter as it sinks, imitating an injured baitfish whilst it is falling through the water column.

The lure can be fished a number of way and produces a proper swimming action from a straight retrieve and can also be fished in a more traditional sink and draw jigging style. We have found the lure to work very well on the drop and the beauty with the Dangan is it allows you to work a large volume of water in a single cast. We recommend playing with the different styles until you find the depth the fish are feeding at.

The Dangan is suitable for all inshore predatory sea fish including Pollock, Wrasse and Bass and is also proving very productive for Mackerel, Garfish and even Launce! The Smaller 3g and 5g sizes will take a variety of mini species and jigging along the quay or harbor wall is a proven winner. Freshwater species such as Trout, Pike and Perch will also find this lure too much to resist.

The Jig comes rigged and ready to fish with a Shout salt water Treble hook and is available in a variety of colours.

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