JungleGym J501 Beans Sinker

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The “Beans” sinker is a coated bean shaped weight designed to be fished in conjunction with the JungleGym Ring Rocker Offset Hook. This is a clever little system for weighting your soft plastic lures into deeper water or to get them down quicker in shallower water.  The added weight means you can cast further and once rigged, the hook is presented in an aggressive upright position off the bottom which compliments brilliantly with the weedless texas hook.  The coating on these sinkers means they are smooth and will allow your soft plastic lures to be bounced along the bottom without snagging and coupled with a ringed hook it offers a greater freedom of movement than traditional fixed sets ups. The Japanese have coined the term “Be Free Texas Rig” as the bait or lure is able to move much more life like – An absolutely lethal LRF presentation for Perch, Wrasse and species found close to snags.

Available in the following sizes

  • 3.5g (5pcs)
  • 5g    (4pcs)
  • 7g    (4pcs)
  • 10g  (3pcs)
  • 14g  (3pcs)
  • 21g  (2pcs)
  • 28g  (2pcs)

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10g (3pcs), 14g (3pcs), 21g (2pcs), 28g (2pcs), 3.5g (5pcs), 5g (4pcs), 7g (4pcs)