Sasame Z-007 Sabiki Feathers

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Variable Hook Sizes:

  • Japan 4 = European 8
  • Japan 6 = European 6
  • Japan 8 = European 4
  • Japan 10= European 2


This superb quality Sabiki Rig is made with the two way cross bead and avoids so many of the normal problems one has when unhooking baitfish. This rig does indeed keep its shape and performance.

Ideal Sabiki Feather rigs are superb for catching baitfish such as Launce, Sand eel, mackerel, Pouting and many others.

The high qualities Sabiki Rigs from Sasame are all made with the finest quality monofilaments and only use high quality, extremely sharp hooks and fine quality components.


Additional Information;

Please be advised that the Japanese hook sizes are the reverse of European sizes on all Sabiki Rigs eg The sizes quoted are approximate to assist you with your selections.

Additional information


4, 6, 8


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