Sasame F-777 EDO Nickle (Spade End)

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An ideal hook pattern for most small species of fish, with longer shank that is perfect for small worms and pieces of fish and squid strip. The long shank of the hook allows for fine bait presentation and the needlepoint sharpness is superb on such a lightweight hook.


Sharp-lightweight-high powered carbon



These superb little hooks are perfect for fishing very fine delicate baits for mid water species like Mackerel, Garfish, Bream and Scad and small fish off the bottom. Recently used by top English Internationals when fishing for small bream. They are very light weight and have an extremely fine and sharp point. They are made of fine gauge carbon and for such a light hook they are incredibly strong, even when fighting gilt head bream. The flattened forged spade is really strong and has good hold for your snelling.

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