Sasame F-400 Light Circle St NS

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The ultimate live or dead bait hook that is ideal for catching bass, tope smooth hound. Made from heavy gaugue carbon wire with a streight eye, fine barbed with a needle sharp turned in point for better hook penertration & strong hook hold.


Sharp-strong-high powered carbon



These superb light circle hooks are so efficient to use, especially when using live mackerel for Bass or Tope or even using dead bait such as Crab for Smooth Hounds. The idea of the circle hook is to prevent deep hooking the fish and the best used with fish that move off with the bait. Once you feel the fish taking the bait away and line starts to run off your reel just tighten up on the fish, do not strike as this can result in you pulling the hook out of the fishes mouth. Once you tighten up onto the fish the hook will slide into the corner of the mouth and your prey is indeed well hooked. With the hook being secured into the scissors of the fish there is little chance of being bitten off either as the line is normally outside of the jaws so once hooked your fish is normally landed.

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