Sasame PA280 2 Way Spring Bead (20×6)

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Sasame Clear Cross Beads with a spring extension for the snood are designed to rotate the snood around the rig body and are semi-transparent and they offer reduce visibility to the fish in clear waters, making them less shy of the rig. They are made with two holes in them, one vertical for running the main trace body line through and one horizontal across the bead, with spring for running the snood line through. The bead can either be left sliding up and down the rig body or secured with a float stop, crimp or in most cases secured with glue. Sometimes you can add a dust bead to assist rotation. The snood is secured at the back of the bead with a stop knot and/or glue with a micro bead in some cases. The different sizes allow for variable diameters of line to pass through them and are idea small paternoster arms.


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These innovative “two Way” rotating beads with a fine wire allow you to create a small paternoster arm that allow you to present your snood as a “stand-off” from the rig body. The bead has outstanding strength, superb clarity and perfect in shape allowing the snood line to be secured through the centre of the arm behind the bead to maintain complete rotation movements.

This bead design is unique and revolutionary preventing tangles and works extremely well when casting.

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L (5-10), LL (6-16), M (3-7), S (2-5)

Line Diameter

L = 0.54mm, LL = 0.72mm, M = 0.46mm, S = 0.38mm


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