Artico Twin Jiggle Boat Rod


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As the name Twin Jiggle implies, this is indeed a rod that can be used for at least two styles, either light jigging, boat fishing or indeed Kayak fishing and more. It is made from high modulus carbon in two sections with a great deal of power and with a separate tip section that is packed with sensitivity and strength. It is available in six sizes between 1.80mtr-3.10mtr, all hand built in Italy by Artico.


Made from: HIGH MODULUS carbon with high resistance


For Light Jigging it will handle 40grams-100 grams with ease and the ideal sizes are the 2.40mtr and the 2.70mtr versions (although these can be used also for general fishing) and this is suitable for the renowned style of fishing known as “Kabura”. The rods are also excellent for general spinning and bottom fishing from boats that allow you to use leads from 100-200grams. This is indeed a multipurpose rod series.

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1.80m, 2.00m, 2.20m, 2.40m, 2.70m, 3.10m

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