Alcedo Titanium Soft 150m


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The Alcedo Titanium Soft Monofilament line is available in 150m lengths.

Titanium Soft is made by Japanese chemical giant Toray

A revolutionary treatment in a hot ion bath ,just after extrusion makes this line extraordinarily soft while the extra long polymer chains and its high density give it a fantastic linear knot strength .

A high quality seal band protects the line in each spool against UV and and other external agents.

Recommended as a premium high quality line for reel line and rigs it is clear in colour and very low diameter for its specified breaking strain.

Use as a high quality memory free leader line

Suggested Use : General – Low visibility requirements and situations for presentation to wary fish .

Good for leader line due to its limp memory free coating

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Line Diameter

0.205 (12lb), 0.265 (21.6lb), 0.305 (25.9lb)